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The Top Time Management Tool You Never Knew You Needed

Time management is one of my favourite topics to dive into. Whether we’re talking about to-do lists or productivity, I’m always looking for ways to up my game, and today, I want to dive into a time management tool that’s changed my life. 

Because let’s face it: if time were a currency, we’d all be broke. We’re all scrambling to find an extra hour to finish the latest Netflix show, to sleep in a bit, or to simply stare at the ceiling and contemplate the meaning of life.

Not to brag – but I think I’ve cracked the code to time management. So, if you (like me), used what felt like a million different project management and time management tools but you haven’t found something that works for you, I might just be able to help. 

Also, I get that blog posts aren’t for everyone, so if you’d rather skip the reading, give this video a watch instead!

my search for productivity

To give you a bit of history, my story is pretty standard: once upon a time, I lived a life of uselessness. And then I learned about to-do lists, and time management tools, and all these other ways of getting my shit in order. Now, I successfully run my own paid ads agency

And I didn’t do anything fancy! I didn’t use time turners or a million different apps and time management tools. I didn’t use time tracking software or any fancy project management features . . . I just realised what worked for me, and found a way to implement that in my day.

what makes a good time management tool?

I’ve been going on and on about finding a good time management tool, but what exactly does that mean?

Here’s the Fantastic Four of the best time management tools (just with fewer capes):

  1. Simplicity: I know it’s in our DNA to overcomplicate things, but when it comes to your time management, you need to keep it as simple and friction-free as possible. Effective time management techniques really don’t need to take up a lot of brain space. 
  2. Focus: having a time management tool in place is great, but you need to actually know what you want to use it for, otherwise it will be useless. You need to know what you want to achieve and which focuses will help you to do that. A massive part of task management is learning to prioritise. 
  3. Second brain storage: This isn’t as creepy as it seems. Basically, what I’m referring to is a place for you to store all those thoughts and ideas taking up real estate in your head. Jot it down on your Google calendar, write it in the notes app of your phone – it doesn’t matter, as long as you have somewhere to store it. 
  4. Feedback: If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you’re never going to improve. So, make sure to take some time each week to look over your past week. See where you went wrong, and think about ways that you can improve your next week. Time spent reflecting is time well spent.

A digital image of a man in a rush with clocks behind him.

Introducing . . . (drumroll, please) . . . Forzeit!

Here’s the thing. If you want to be more productive than a squirrel on espresso, you can’t just breeze through life. You need to have a plan in place, and you need to have tools to help you execute that plan. 

That’s where Forzeit comes in. It is, in my not-so-humble opinion, the crème de la crème of time management. It’s not just a to-do list; it’s a hub where you can plan your life goals, business goals, and more. You can boost productivity, manage tasks, and improve your time management skills . . . all in one place. Think of it as your digital project manager. 

Whether you want to plan your meals for the week or you want to make sure you’re scheduling your daily walks, this is the place to do it.

You can set your goals for the week, quarter, and year. You can set up templates for each week and just duplicate them – I cannot begin to tell you how this will help you save time (plus, you won’t end up forgetting recurring tasks!)

There are emojis. Motivational quotes. Dashboards. Questions to help you figure out why you didn’t complete certain tasks. . . As far as project management tools go, it’s pretty decent. 

I know you’re wondering what the catch is. So here’s the plot twist: I created Forzeit. Naturally, I’m a bit biased towards it. But the truth is that I tried what felt like every time management tool out there, and nothing worked for me. So I decided to build my own. 

final words

As you can guess, my favourite time management tool is Forzeit, and I’m hoping that this can be the thing that takes you to productivity paradise as well. And if not, well, I shared some things to look for, so hopefully you can find the best time management tools to suit your life!

At this point, Forzeit is not even properly launched yet, but you can sign up to test it – and this includes having a one-on-one consultation with me!

Now, I’ll leave you to your day – because time really is of the essence.