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Digital vs Real World Diaries: Which is Best?

The debate of digital versus real-world has been around for years and is becoming even more prevalent as more of our lives are moving into the digital space. It’s been debated when it comes to banking, storage, photos, and more. 

With the evolution of digital diaries and planning apps, this is another element of the debate. Are digital or physical planners, diaries, calendars, and journals the way to go?

As with anything else, there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer. Both options have their pros and cons, so the important thing is weighing these up and figuring out what works best for you and your planning situation when it comes to the physical versus digital diary study.

the charm of physical planners

Let’s start with real-world planners. There is an age-old charm to these that cannot be denied, given the fact that millions of people still buy them despite the multitude of digital options available. 

There’s something peaceful about sitting down in a quiet corner, putting your pen to paper, and writing down your plans for the week. For those who love adding a creative flair to their planners, this is also a great option, since you can add drawings, stickers, and other artistic elements to your diary.

the convenience of digital planners

Of course, there’s one thing we’re all after in today’s busy world: convenience. And there’s no denying that digital planners are incredibly convenient. You can sync them across multiple devices so that you can plan on your laptop and multiple mobile phones, move and delete your plans as necessary, and even add password protection if you need some added security. 

Some planners, like Forzeit, even have advanced features like templates and weekly reports to make your planning life even easier. You can also add elements like links or video files, which may be helpful depending on what you want to use your planner for. 

Of course, you may not be the target audience for a digital diary. If you need something basic and you’re not on a quest for a deeper understanding of your planning methods, then you may need nothing more than a piece of paper.

bonus tip: you can use both

There’s no rule that says you need to pick one option and stick to that. Many people use a combination of the two for different aspects of their life, and you can do the same! Finding a balance between the two might be the perfect solution, especially if you can’t decide which one is for you. 

Look at your usage patterns to see if you are more drawn to traditional methods of planning like paper planners or whether you prefer a more modern option like a digital diary . . . or both! You may also find that during one time period of your life, a digital diary is best, whereas in another, a physical planner addresses your pain points. There’s no need to limit yourself!

Also, don’t let anyone make you feel like you should be using a specific type of planner. Be honest with yourself about what you need, and get a planner that helps you access this.

the final line

In the end, there’s a lot to be said about both real-life and digital planners. It all depends on what you want and what works for you. Try both, and try different variations of the two. It’s your life and your planner, so as long as you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters.